Day Seven: Swishes

you know what I could see
for hours and hours, every day
and every day?
the ocean, the dirty green-blue
and the twisted blue,
the glass colored one,
and every other color, other colors.
it storms and it moves
constantly and constantly
from foamy swells to waves imploding
to little swishes clawing up
the seashore up and down and up
and drowning in the motion
the motion is drowning
and drowning
surety in inconsistency
in an ocean that drowns
and drowns and drowns




Day Six: Vorrei

Vorrei tante cose.
c’è tanto da vedere
mia vita
sarà troppo
e non vedrò
Vorrei questo tanto.


Passion comes in many forms. Oh but to know the fire in every soul…


Day Five: Grandparents

lucky ducks who have grandparents
are really rather fortunate
the bond between a child and
a grandparent-

-it’s something like a horizon
giving infinite promises,
and always there.

I’ve been getting a taste of what it’s like to have grandparents around. My only fear is that if I get fed much more, I’ll burst! To the people who are lucky to still have theirs, enjoy them.


Day Four: Half-Moon

a half-moon
is for the aspiring
who hold no hope
but neither will lose.

a half-moon
is for the reckless
who fear no death
but are fiercely alive.

a half-moon is magic:
fairies dancing dizzingly
amongst the blistered stars,
dragons restlessly twitching
in the bellies of inflamed cities
selkies passing by
in the screeching abyssal waters.
what could go wrong?

Be brave. Take that leap. Sometimes crazy is the way to live.


Day Three: Living Standing Still

hai mai provato di prendere l’alba nel tuo palmo?
that cold, crisp moment where the silence is the only thing alive
you want to tattoo it on your skin
feel it, etch it on your soul like a cry of victory
See me. I am.

vorresti dipingere quella luna sopra il buio delle montagne?
like a dream you can’t remember but the heart aches with
you want to echo it with music
fill yourself, tangle with fear and joy crowned with a tears
I am. Hear me.

ti hanno detto “tu hai il mio cuore nelle tu mani in questo momento”?
that breath you never take and you stand naked before a bond
you want to create an eternal dance in your mind
be connected, know the joy of kindred friends
Hear me. I hear.

There is so much in life that needs to experienced by me still. Humility and patience have been big themes in my life lately. There have been moments where I just ache with the beauty of them, be them in relation to my surroundings or the people around me.


Day Two: A Roma

A Roma!
the city with an old soul
that blisters my feet
that carries the good and the bad
the oblivious and the knowing
all in a living current.
they praise it, they hate it
too touristy, the heart of the Catholics
peace, too noisy
it is a symphony, it’s silence
where ghosts are sought out.
where the rain is cold and dirty
and alive, pure and passing no judgement
a place for new beginnings and closing chapters
for passing into history without a whisper
A Roma!
Immortality is no quick friend.

Roma! I honestly couldn’t live there but its good to dive in once in a while and feel its pulse.


Day One: Trovami in posti alti

it’s like a dream
finding yourself in the morning
at the base of a mountain
while others drink
their caffè and cornetti
my soul starts to skip

it’s adventure
walking up that curving road
midway, deep in peace
alone, then not, then alone again
with blanket of fog enveloping me
my laugh bursts out

it’s like finding an old you, a new you
seeing the end, but that’s not the goal
that high point where the sun shines
people chattering and visiting
fog down below, snow covered mountains far out
live, live, let every you live

I’m a little late in joing NaPoWriMo this year but I’ve been in Italy having some adventures.


Day Five: Shut up, Love-lover

hatred is a poison that should not be sought
it will blacken your heart, and
still the music the soul dances for
(is this music, hope? do haters
not also hope?). You say
love is all? hatred also has a bell to ring
and keeps the heart at check
it courses through the veins
brings power to the gaze
it makes you grand
don’t you know?
like beach glass along the shore
hatred is found and kept
in the back pocket
pull it out when it is needed
to keep the power in the veins
(do you like this metaphor,
hatred is not cold
the heart does not care what fuel
it burns.
hatred is no sickness (though
if the cure is love, Love-lover,
to this you call a malady,
I will keep this hate-sickness!) and
do not wish for any mithridate.


I was feeling a bit whimsical, enjoy. Or not.


Day Four: Fill

fill and fill and fill
myself with thoughts
that a ballerina must think
steps of grace and lightness
of what ifs and a stage for me.
fill and fill and fill
myself with thoughts
that a singer must think
a voice reaching the furthest corners and memories
of maybes and a spotlight for me.
fill and fill and fill
myself with thoughts
the conductor must think
the flourished command of silence and sound
of dreams and an applause for me.
fill and fill and fill
myself with thoughts
a gentle reminder of myself
of what will be and some confidence in me.


I’ve only just realized I’ve been doing NaPoWriMo since 2012. I’m still having fun so here’s to many more years. Have a lovely day everyone.


Day Three: A Love Poem

creation, admiration, infatuation of the heart
fingers typing, mind thinking, and a galloping heart,
deciding the matters of the soul

intuition, decision, a collision of the mind’s visions
laughs and tears, life and death, the pen’s precision,
knifing through the spirit

declaration, trepidation, exhilaration of the summit reach
looking at, figuring out, the lovesick’s consequences,
standing still at the curtain’s fall.