*updated 30 March 2016*

I’m Tally. I created this site in 2011 when I was taking my first hesitant steps into the  writer’s world. I’ve participated in various creative projects, from a book reviewing blog to such astounding endeavors like NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo. Been a part of poetry groups and made friends here and there. I’m always on the look for new challenges.

Currently a 2nd year college student, I’ll be spending my 3rd year abroad in Italy and I’m excited to share my adventures here. I dabble in a lot of things, I like to twirl words around and find the soul of music. Flute player, you see. I like to run because I want to push my boundaries. I’m an introvert and I like baking.

Welcome and stick around for some whimsical rambles or rambles of the whimsical, I’m always glad to have some fine company.




12 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re just fifteen? And you write like this ?Gosh girl, you really have a lot of mettle. All the very best in your writing endevours and the best of everything else too. It is really nice knowing you Tally:-)

    1. I have a lot to learn about writing and experience is key to good writing. Thank you for visiting my blog and best wishes to you as well in everything.
      Nice to meet you, will try to visit your blog as often as possible, you are an interesting person:)

  2. thank you very much for your kind comments and it is a pleasure to have visited your blog. you are a very good writer. all the best. would come back to read your posts at leisure.

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