Day Three: Living Standing Still

hai mai provato di prendere l’alba nel tuo palmo?
that cold, crisp moment where the silence is the only thing alive
you want to tattoo it on your skin
feel it, etch it on your soul like a cry of victory
See me. I am.

vorresti dipingere quella luna sopra il buio delle montagne?
like a dream you can’t remember but the heart aches with
you want to echo it with music
fill yourself, tangle with fear and joy crowned with a tears
I am. Hear me.

ti hanno detto “tu hai il mio cuore nelle tu mani in questo momento”?
that breath you never take and you stand naked before a bond
you want to create an eternal dance in your mind
be connected, know the joy of kindred friends
Hear me. I hear.

There is so much in life that needs to experienced by me still. Humility and patience have been big themes in my life lately. There have been moments where I just ache with the beauty of them, be them in relation to my surroundings or the people around me.



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