Day Five: Shut up, Love-lover

hatred is a poison that should not be sought
it will blacken your heart, and
still the music the soul dances for
(is this music, hope? do haters
not also hope?). You say
love is all? hatred also has a bell to ring
and keeps the heart at check
it courses through the veins
brings power to the gaze
it makes you grand
don’t you know?
like beach glass along the shore
hatred is found and kept
in the back pocket
pull it out when it is needed
to keep the power in the veins
(do you like this metaphor,
hatred is not cold
the heart does not care what fuel
it burns.
hatred is no sickness (though
if the cure is love, Love-lover,
to this you call a malady,
I will keep this hate-sickness!) and
do not wish for any mithridate.


I was feeling a bit whimsical, enjoy. Or not.



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