Day 1: Beast With Past and Future Dreams

soliloquy of daggers
into my flesh, darkly satisfying
marks, all that could have been,
memories recited, meekly
in that field of yellow dandelions
innocent chrysalis,
to dark wishes, light wishes

descant of turmoil
ink stains, running through my veins
beast, remembering
waiting in hope, dreaming
love and regrets scoured on my skin,
hardened shell,
shout, driving on

Hello April. Gave myself the prompt of “beast”. Sometimes its necessary to let some things go though you don’t want to. Talking to yourself is also not a sign of being crazy, it can help you work things out. Your past makes you stronger, dream bigger dreams, eh? Welcome to my humble, slightly dusty, much beloved blog, Tally, pleasure to meet you.



4 thoughts on “Day 1: Beast With Past and Future Dreams

  1. Tally, I’m visiting from NaPoWriMo and found this poem and your process notes afterwards to be very insightful. Your vocabulary is delicious, your imagery is decadent and the poem is haunting. Lovely write.

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