Taken Time

I have taken time
not like the thief
that toes through the night
or the con man who ridicules you
in the face and you never know
until too late.

I have swept up the world around me
spun an illusion like a web
shirking from Truth-
all webs must break.
clinging to a perfect moment
the world will see clear, my fall will come

I am not the night thief, though it be night
for I run to disaster.
I am not like the con man
because already, it is too late.
I am the magician, made of parlor tricks
without magic to save us.

I have taken time I say
fact is,
the world knew and laughed
while I wrapped an illusion ’round me
as a blanket and the world will swallow
me in my illusion.
Already the line blurs. How perfect.


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