There Was No Goodbye

ceding to a vast well of
hungering, childish desire
from my lap I pick up my gaze
and stare at the button nose and
glassy black eyes.
blue shirt worn and fuzzy ears
still perked while fur,
honey-colored brown
has faded.
bouncing away in the arms of another.

with heavy arms I reach out
once again three years old…
only my fingertips brush against him.
This time there is no one to give
him to me.
that worn teddy bear
who holds my child heart.
to go back one more time, please,
to live in a child moment,
but never again.

and there was nothing said,
before we could hug goodbye.


Prompt: Wherever you are – hold your arms out. Pick one item within your arm’s reach (A can, computer, pen, shoe, etc.) and write a small poem using that item as your focal point.

It’s been far too long since I’ve written a poem! Felt the need to, tonight, for old times sake.


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