Day Twenty-Nine: Letter to a Friend

my fair, sweet friend-

corazon de miel with a white soul, feathered already with Heavenly light. Would that you would stay at my side-
to be my guide, my conscience. You will walk away with a backward glance
and tears in your eyes. I will smile, delighted like a mother seeing her child off into the world.
Yet I will fret.

adios, all these years are to be memories,
recuerdos de nuestra amistad. there will be an ache when the thousands of miles catch up. Move on sweet bird for we have
new friends to find. But don’t forget me as I will not. The road has been hard and I can’t promise
it won’t have it’s bumps and curves (love and heartbreak too, my dear one)
but stand up. Always fly on.

Que nos encontremos de nuevo algun dia.


Three prompts in one shot, poem really hit home with me. Graduation is just around the corner for some good friends, I will miss them. Life will move on though.




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