Day Twenty: My Life to Her

twice before I stood entranced
before her on that narrow beach
the seaweed clung to her wet form
and her eyes were made of elusive
ocean shadows, far from here.
elusive maiden of the sea,
why does my heart pine for you?

my heart and soul yours to take
and chose how long my life to be
would you dare to bear let me live on a third time?
upwind the gull screamed out
at the squandering of this mortal, me.
elusive maid of vast ocean spaces,
why does my heart pine for you?

if twice before I’d seen the magic of the world
dragons must live in castles in the air
and giants roam the wilds of the Earth.
silken beams of summer light reflecting on a thousand
diamonds, water droplets, encasing her being
that a dragon could burn this yearning
to free my soul from that
elusive damsel of the foaming waves.
why does my heart pine for you?

beckoning toward the anxious waves
she called for my heart, for my last heartbeat
to be hers. wishing that I might have self-preservation
but I could not be freed, for mine soul hers to keep
my desire stronger than the ties to earth and sky
hair rippling, touching those forbidden lips
i sank into the depths of the seafoam waves
and the shattering colors of the ocean deep
all I asked was that I might have, one moment of
bliss and damnation entwined
before my mortality did end.
elusive lady of the high seas
why give my pining heart to you?



words from napowrimo prompt: twice, elusive, seaweed, upwind, squander. I’m not sure what happened here. Kind of like it though, needs work but am satisfied with it for now.




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