Day Thirteen: It Was the First Mistake

and there was nothing but the drudgery of life
leading me down a narrow road
with no blossom to brighten the grey scape.
one day I took a walk,
feeling alone I called out
and in my call
there was a faint mark of despair.
noting the crushing drudgery of life
I felt inclined to make a change
so I veered off the narrow path
and took a walk along the
soft sands on a quiet beach
until I came up to a child at play
not far from the crashing waves
I stood and watched
her burst into tears
as the waves broke down
her castle walls.
“not so close,” I cautioned
offering advice, “the waves will take away
all your work. It’s mean like that.”
settling higher up the shore
we built those castle walls
and I left the drudgery of life
for a span of heartbeats
until I left those sandy walls,
I walked right back, right
back to that narrow path
and the drudgery of life.


Prompt was a lovely quote from friend. Thanks.



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