Day Four: i forget to breathe (I)

in the cadence, in the measures
there’s a lull
the rhythm halts-
i forget to breathe each time
when life gives a bow
and shoots a star that it might burn
on your soul.
the echoes ring and the audience is still
but life does not hold for silence
it spills out uncontained
searching, searching, eyes latching
to that beaming face
it’s the trigger-
i catch my breath
letting go and diving in
in the cadence, in the measures
me onstage, you out there
song of now
i perform
i’ll look back
to the cadence, to the measures
to the lull
and the rhythm’s halt-
i will forget to breathe
when all i remember is
this song for you


Poem prompt was inspired by friend. As usual I’m not quite sure what to make of it myself, it’s part personal experience and then its inspired from all the people  who have been onstage at some point in their lives with loved ones looking back. Not what I had in mind when the first lines came into my head but I enjoyed penning it all the same.
It is a beautiful, terrible thing to stare at a crowd, makes you lose your breath. At least it does to me!


I love this prompt so much I think there will be others related to it. Thus the “I” in the title.


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