So this is what I’ve been up to. Book III is almost completely finished.
Nowadays, as you might have noticed, I have a new blog that I co-host with my very awesome friend Rosey, so check it up and see what I’ve been reading.

Thinking of reviving the Ramblings for old time’s sake,


Hey Peeps.

Notice it’s December? Yes? You know what that means of course. NANOWRIMO IS OFFICIALY OVER!!!

And I won! Last Friday actually, which was super-exciting. I just haven’t had a chance to brag ’cause I’ve pretty much been a zombie since then. Why? Get this, I challenged myself to a 24 hour write. Except for 5 hours when I fell asleep, the document was open and I wrote(ok I procrastinated a couple of hours too)… I ended up with 15K, which is more than twice my highest word count for a single day ever. Not bad for a slow writer.

I feel lost without NaNoWriMo already. What am I to do with myself??

The good thing- I’ve yet to finish my story, so I’m excited to keep writing this one too. The better thing? Bookmarks will go back to reviewing. Still not done with Breadcrumbs(how smart of me to…

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