the storm rages out
and I sit tight listening
to the cymbals crash and
the bass drum roll
I sit tight listening
to the ticking clock
tick, tock
the seconds speed past long
before I can grasp them.
Past, present, future-
all merge
and I remember.
the sticky situation
of a juicy watermelon
comes to mind, and I smell
the sweetness. I remember fun summers gone.
it all gives way to falling, browning leaves
and I remember the candies of
All Hallows’ Eve, such amusing, funny memories.
cold, icy winds chill my skin
winter’s barren beauty
as stark as the soul,
I remember the comfort of family.
sitting tight, listening to the
steady beat of droplets
I contemplate the new and gone springs.


Last day for NaPoWriMo 2012. Didn’t write thirty poems but it was a great month nonetheless. Last prompt for the year is to include at least three, I remembers.



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