you are the world’s last hope
I hold out
hold on to this one last…
that there might truly be redemption
in this world
so many betrayals
shattered, I can hold on
just one last time
to you
the last one holding my trust
barring the way down a spiral
of despair for the world
show me
I need but one glimpse
that there is hope
a future to hold
just a flickering flame
of redemption for our world




8 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. Cerridwen-Thank you for reading, appreciate it.

    mbwilliams- Hope is so many things! That’s why we hold on so tightly to it.

    Hema-Thank you very much, will take the time to visit your blog!

    Belva@MainelyMugUps- Indeed:)

    halfwaybetweenthegutter-Yes, I agree, do keep holding on to hope, thank you for subscribing, I really appreciate it.

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