Happy Belated V-Day

I promised myself, constantly reminded myself that I needed to post on V-Day. But procrastination and forgotten homework tend to get in the way of the little joys. But I sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful day of love and friendship.
I’ve been listening to the Civil Wars a lot recently. A new favorite:


Not much else. A mouse interrupted our trig class today. It was funny up to the moment it ran straight at me. Then I pulled my legs up in the cramped desk and let the others chase it down. My teacher sat on her stool with her legs far from the ground until it was caught. Poor mouse, I’m afraid it wasn’t such a great experience. All the shrieking must have traumatized it. At least no one stepped on it. In the end, it was released into the parking lot and we did more math. The latter wasn’t very fun.

Was pleasantly surprised today. That’s it. Take care. (And I swear, I will get a poem up!)



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