Year One

I haven’t forgotten.

Exactly a year ago I started this blog with the intention of simply expressing my thoughts. But its intention changed thanks to a friend. I have shared my poems(I mustered the courage to do it! Yeah, read through my blog and you know some of it shouldn’t have seen the light of the internet, oh well.). I have shared Ramblings. And frustrations, worries, and more ramblings. I look back and smile. Apparently I did something right along the way. I have grown in a positive direction as a person. While of course garnering a dozen followers. (And I didn’t change my blog’s theme too many times surprisingly.)

Apparently I did something right.

I should have closed off my first year blogging with a poem, that seems like the right thing to do. I have several ideas running through my head. But time is against me. The night grows long and it has been a long week. I’m not sure what another year of blogging might bring but I’m ready. One post a week is my goal. Nothing ambitious. I just want to continue to write and explore others like me out there.

Happy Birthday Number One, Ramblings of the Purple Existence.



P.S. 109 post for year one. Not bad.


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