Sand Flows

the years pass
always ever faster.
I wonder why it is-
the older we grow,
the years pass
always ever faster.
what is it, what skill
have we lost?
children possess this,
their wide eyes see.
past the mundane
beyond the first and only glance.

I remember
once upon a time,
years long passed
when an hour held the entirety of a day.
why? how?
young, wide eyes take in the world
they pause to watch
the dragon cloud lazily slip by,
they see the lady bug and count her spots,
while the ants march on
one two three, one two three.

the years pass
always ever faster.
the hour glass flows…
you see that solemn child? that one
with the wide eyes. no she isn’t
grown up.
She watches the world, quietly
sees each grain fall
one two three…
wide eyes.
for us,
the sand only flows. 


First post for the year. I thought it would be great to start out the year with a poem. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written anything that I thought decent.


P.S. Happy New Year!




10 thoughts on “Sand Flows

  1. This is more than ‘decent’, it’s a beautiful poem, thank you. It’s interesting, just yesterday I reflected on the same theme, and wrote ‘Lullaby.’ I do wish we could be like children in so many ways.

  2. charlesmashburn- Read your poem, its quite lovely, thank you for your words!

    dswan2-Your work is always a pleasure to read, I was certainly intrigued by your book, I would get a Kindle but I’ve always liked the actual physical book in my hands. We’ll just have to see, thanks for visiting!

    The Happy Amateur- Visited your blog, wonderful works, thank you for your kind words.

    shail- It would be amazing wouldn’t it? Thanks for dropping by!

    Snowflakes- Thank you for your words!

  3. You are asking why, just like the quintessential child you are imagining. I find that absolutely charming. OK, I’ve got a poem for you to check out, if you like, in addition to my rally entry, “Year’s Nadir”

    Hate to ask you to read two of mine, but neither is very long, and this second one has a thematic tie to

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