Act of Giving

I gave blood this afternoon at the church blood drive. It was the first opportunity for me since turning sixteen and it went rather well. I didn’t feel too nervous( I admit it, I was reading for part of the time which helped a lot) and I was excited to see that so many others were there to give  a part of their time to donate blood.

I didn’t dare watch the needle go in and there was a feeling of relief when it did. It wasn’t as painful as I thought. The next minutes went quickly and I relaxed. Until the needle came out. It was an accident, the nurse bumped the needle while I stoically looked on. It wasn’t much of a pain but I suppose it was enough. The needle came out and a light headed feeling came over me. Nothing too terrible but just enough. Thankfully it passed quickly, sort of(nurse made me lie down and brought me some ice packs and a drink).

I was out of there with a warm glow of pride.(Frankly, warmth was the last thing I needed at that moment, it made me feel dizzy but still, I was excited that I went through with it.)

Right now I feel a little tired, Monday is just hours away but it has been a relatively restful weekend. My favorite part of the holidays is giving. Not meaning to sound sappy but it does bring a sort of bliss wouldn’t you say?



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