’tis a disaster

Which disaster shall I tell you of first?

Neither one is good, and an aching neck doesn’t help either one(offseason, a newbie athlete’s nightmare).

First off, band, lovely band, has turned out to be quite a disaster time wise. Like I mentioned previously, a month away from the winter concert and we have only just started practicing the music that we’re to play. Immature little seventh graders swarming all over the place doesn’t help. Just this Monday, our band director deigned to tell us that honor band tryout are this Saturday. Oh boy.
Went in after school today to have the band director help me out with a couple of things. My low C isn’t playing. Yes, well that’s the case when you play a 30+ year old flute. Next year don’t expect me to play a school flute, I’m hoping to work long enough to raise money for a new one. And how did practice go?

Terrorizing. I left as a nervous wreck. Yeah, stage fright has started. The details, the details, THE DETAILS!!! At least I have the scales down. Tomorrow’s plan? Practice for hours. Practice makes perfect right? I’ve always worked better under pressure. We’ll see how it goes.

And there’s that thing call NaNoWriMo. I’m 16K BEHIND!! Need I say more? No, I must save my words.

I am an optimistic person. Just saying. Nothing is impossible.

Poem coming soon,



2 thoughts on “’tis a disaster

    1. Ha, you’ll probably be way ahead of me by the time the weekend is over, I’ve been busy today and will be as well tomorrow(maybe Sunday I’ll allow myself time to write). Yes, let’s cheer each other on!

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