So how is everyone??

It’s been pretty busy for me. November 1st my volunteer job turned into a paying job. I now help out with the after school program mostly with the little ones, sort of tutoring type thing. November as you all know is also NaNoWriMo. Not doing so well there but I’m feeling optimistic:) Thanksgiving break will be my salvation or so I hope.

And I’m doing a flute solo for our winter concert! (I just needed to tell someone so bear with me) I’m so excited and really nervous because the whole song centers around the solo… and I have yet to tell my band director but…. I get stage fright…. ahh, yes well, one must overcome their fears yes? Got the music today and it wasn’t a bad first reading, aside from the fact that I’ll have to count perfectly and ignore the rest of the band it shouldn’t be too hard. It might even be fun.

Or so I must tell myself to assuage my nerves. Can you get nervous a month before a performance?

Guess that’s about it for now,




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