Return of the Ramblings

Blogs are comforting,  you know? You can go away for an unknown period of time but when you return, your blog still sits here, waiting patiently. My poetic days have been rather limited, school can do that. Well *cough*trig*cough* is to blame.

But a week of tests are now behind me and I am excited. Today I get to:

Write a speech.
Read Lady Assassin in its book form for the first time! (I was saving it for a special occasion)
Write a poem???

Say goodbye to my fifteenth year. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am excited. It only happens once a year right?

And NaNoWriMo is happening soon, Join Me? It’ll be fun, I’m going for my second win.

October has always been my favorite month. There’s a festive air or maybe it’s just the changing of the seasons. Either way, life is good. Have a good day everyone.



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