Silver Paradise

Sweet rivers long and winding
adding their part to creation’s eternal song
whist birds
keep to the argentine tempo

silver echoes of the pining wind
rhythmic melody praising the sun’s life-giving embrace
caressing whisper
like the clinging moss

gentle infraction on Nature’s sounds
skipping over grey rocks
singing life into the very earth
fragile strength overpowering

a satyr’s kiss remembered with a single sighing note
memories past
come rushing sweeping down the valley
over stones
wrapping around the trees
encasing this my valley
with the flute’s song


I’ve had this poem since the beginning of August but somehow it wasn’t quite working out. After a couple of tweaks today, I decided to let it go. So here it is. As you can tell I didn’t add punctuation, that’s part of what had me stumped so I took it all out, I’ll let you find your own pace through it. And the mood/tone? I’m not sure…



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