All Consuming

the sea has a singular sound
-that seeps into the very core;
of the soul, echoing evermore
it washes over
-all consuming

the sea’s breath on the cheek makes one shiver
-a feel of eternity, a taste;
both magnificent and ominous
it flows around
-all consuming

the sea’s all consuming beauty fills the mind
-no moment passes without;
turmoil and thought
wave after wave fills the mind
-all consuming



Playing with punctuation.



12 thoughts on “All Consuming

  1. nice poem.. did you feel good with the punctuation effects? I don’t think I got the semi-colon placement but it didn’t interfere with the flow for me. thnx

  2. reading last stanza felt like water level was rising and my body immersing by the weight of thoughts I carry, turmoils is heavy as I imagine.

  3. Love the description of our visual of the sea as well as our thoughts about it–very accurate portrayal of how powerful and immense the dark waters really are out there, thanks for sharing!

  4. @charlesmashburn-Thanks for dropping by!

    @Jingle-Thank you!

    @geezergirl1- I was fairly satisfied except perhaps the semicolons like you said, thanks for asking.

    @ALIVE aLwaYz-Thanks for describing what you felt while reading my poem, glad I could invoke some measure of feeling.

    @Virtual Sinner- Yup, I enjoyed writing this very much.

    @belladonna23- :)thanks for commenting

    @oikoi09-thank you for reading!

    Thanks for your comments you guys:)

  5. Well done Tally 🙂 I could smell the salt air, feel the fine ocean mist and sense the emotion …as for punctuation mention by some…. as far as I am concerned you do what you need to do to make your creation feel right for you. Start a new trend :-)With a MBA in English I can honestly tell you that punctuation in poetry is highly overrated … like fads in fashion. Again, enjoyed your poem. BTW thanks for your kind words.~JD

  6. JD-Yes I must admit that I go between using punctuation a lot and not at all. Thank you for your words, they are very encouraging. An MBA in English, wow that’s awesome:)

    Daydreamertoo- The sea is so amazing isn’t it? Thanks for visiting!

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