TA DA!!!

On June 2, 2011 one of the most epic moments of my life happened. Years and years of thinking  “I’d like to write a novel but I don’t have the time or idea….”

It can be hard to write without a deadline. Right? At least that’s true to me and NaNoWriMo was perfect for this challenge lover. November 2010 was one of the best months I’ve ever had.

Fast forward to June 29,2011. I’m freaking out because my free proof copy code expires soon and there are things gone wrong. I’ve spent the last few days stressed but finally three rejections later Createspace accepts. THANK YOU.

Now to await the expected arrival date June 11. It actually got here on the 2nd. I grinned until it hurt. It’s just so exciting to have your creation in your hands. It’s a raw emotion that fills you, I hope you understand what I mean.

Here’s some pictures:

The Front
The Back with the really bad blurb/summary
Title Page with my Pen Name

Now for the dreaded moment. People ask, “what’s it about.”

Umm… well you see…. I’m not at all competent when describing my novel. I freeze, my mind goes blank. And I’m left stuttering. Wonderful, huh?

I am first and foremost a fantasy writer. Magic has always held appeal to me and so have warriors/assassins/thieves/dark characters in general. I settled on Assassins for this book. Ok this isn’t going to work, I’ve no idea how to describe my novel in coherent sentences. Here’s a list of words.

Assassins, gypsies,earl,duke,kingdoms,prince,Thalia,heritage,magic,goddesses,war,dragon,library, Scribes,inner conflict,Actaeon,assassination attempts,talking horse,angry patrons,etc………..



Visit my Projects page.

That’ll be more helpful.






Cover art by Skarlette.Knox over in the NaNoWriMo forums.


2 thoughts on “TA DA!!!

  1. When i struggle with describing my work, i pass it on and ask others to read and then describe. Sometimes you are just too close to your work…

    Good for you for getting this far.

    1. Indeed! You are right, I’ve gotten too attached so I’m putting it away for a while. As it’s only in its early stages(too full of mistakes and such) I won’t show it to anyone just yet but I’ll consider it in the future, perhaps that’s exactly what I need!!

      Thank you Ellie for your comment!

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