Slowly- An Update

The day goes by slowly.
The months slip by quickly.

How is that? No matter how slow or fast, one fact remains. I’m bored.

I have been running enthusiastically for a while. Then I realized the numbers lied. Well actually I messed up with the amount of distance I was running. I was running less than I thought. No wonder I fail when it comes to math. Nearly a week later and I’m still sulking. Well not sulking more like crestfallen. I’m hoping to try to find that love for running again today. I am not sure how it’ll go. I know I can run. I’m just trying to let go of any goals that I had for the summer and just run. It’s hard for me, I can be so demanding of myself sometimes.

There’s also the looming threat of school. August 24. For the second time in a row I’m dreading it. It’s a social circus. I want no part in it. I may just end up getting my wishes as both my best friends are on the verge of moving.
Ours is not a big school, we’re a little town. I could easily slip into one of the various groups that roam our school. I’m likeable enough. The problem is, do I want to even bother? For what purpose? I’ve been asking myself that these days.

For what purpose?

I blame Drizzt Do’Urden. A fictional character with high moral principles does that to you. Especially if you breathe in three of his books in a matter of days. R.A. Salvatore is a genius. I like his books, they have everything that I love. Philosophical, action packed, magical, FANTASY. I admit to being obsessed right now with these books. A bad thing when a series has 10+ books.

For what purpose?

Books could aid me in my escape from the circus that is high school. But for how long? I admit that most of the time I am without a new book to read. They just don’t last very long in my hands. So I will be forced to find the company of others.

I’m not a chatty person. If you want to talk, I’ll let you talk, I’ll listen diligently, I’ll be there for you. But I warn you that it’ll be a one-sided conversation. I’ve no interest in speaking. Write to me and I’ll write you a lengthly reply. That’s how I am, sorry.

That. Leaves. Very. Few. Groups. That. I. Would. Be.Comfortable. With.

I’ve studied the social groups many times. When you don’t talk, you watch. The band kids are my choice group. A high-spirited bunch and very talkative. At least we share something in common, music. IF I rejoin band. A year away from my lovely flute has left me in panic. I’ve had nightmares about it, the new music teacher sending me to the principal’s office for failing to remember a single note. Obviously not going to happen, but still. Your imagination can be your worst enemy in the middle of the night.

That brings me to what I can control. Imagination is great and I plan on using it quite a bit this August as I have decided that I can not stand an empty day. August Camp NaNoWriMo anyone?

I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

If you’ve actually read this from beginning to end, thanks. Ramblings ended.



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