Beautiful Souls

Beautiful souls illuminate my passage
through this ravaged, dark world.
Mirrors of the angels
reflecting their glow and unquestioning love
incarnations of innocence hurled
into an imperfect existence,
surrounded by evil shadows
don’t fall my beautiful souls.

Beautiful souls illuminate my passage
in this manipulative, power hungry existence.
Simple, unmarred souls
protect yourselves, don’t be hammered down
those tarnished souls outdistance
find your way on this earth,
lend a hand to the forgotten ones but
don’t get lost my beautiful souls.

Beautiful souls illuminate my passage
through this scarred, dim earth.
Children of the light
you silver ones untarnished,
let your actions give birth
to Love throughout the universe
humble ones guide me
help me oh beautiful souls.

Beautiful souls illuminate my passage
through this ever changing, broken universe.
Budding flowers, future generations
hearts of gold, virgin souls
whisper in my ear that verse
that will help me make a sacrifice
a gift of love
for all beautiful souls.


As usual, criticism welcome, this poem was inspired by:

Poets of the Fall
“Beautiful Ones”


11 thoughts on “Beautiful Souls

  1. Tally this so echoes a wonderful message are we not just leading each other on a glorious journey of words. Sharing our souls and igniting flames..

  2. Oh, my! What an exceptionally soulful song and poem. I can see how you were inspired here. Added this to my youtube video’s. I pray my passing is illuminated by beautiful souls.

    I also love a song named ‘The Beautiful Ones’ by a British band called Suede, which is more poppy and upbeat. So many versions to so many with the same title.

  3. Jennirey-Love your comment, so true.

    Meiro-Thank you for dropping by Meiro.

    clariice-Yes!!! Being our own selves is beautiful beyond words, happy rally to you as well!

    Helena (Hey! Lena)- I’m glad you liked both the song and poem. Will check out that song you mentioned…

  4. I think that it’s funny to see how you started writing these poems on a whim and it’s turned into something lasting.

    And, yes, I’m alive.


  5. E!!! Or can I call you Otter!!!

    My poems are still on whim though maybe a little tiny bit less hasty(the reason why I post less often). Something lasting? I hope so but I’ll leave that answer to the future.

    You’re alive!!! So nice to hear from you, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that E around here:)

  6. I love the repetition in each stanza. I hope to meet some of these beautiful souls. And I love the look of your blog! (Purple and pink are my fav colors!)

  7. lolamouse-I’m fairly satisfied with how it looks right now, it feels open. And thanks, hope you do meet beautiful souls.

    Ina-Thanks with a capital T:), Really I appreciate your comment.

    mindlovemisery- One of my favorite lines as well. Thank you for dropping by!

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