Stormy Monday

Hello how’s the weather in your area? Sunny? Oh well lucky you, I’m suffering from the ever changing Oklahoman weather. One minute it’s sunny, the next there’s a tornado warning.
Lovely huh?
I watched awed as the clouds started to swirl, forming a funnel first to the east and then dissipating into nothingness. To my amazement the real show was to the west, almost right above me. Imagine a large wall of dark greyness moving southeast while the rest of the sky is gleaming with the afternoon sun.
And then the dark wall starts to swirl and everything takes on a greenish tint. Time to take cover.
It rained. Then it hailed. Then it rained. Then it hailed. The sky cleared. Then it darkened. It thundered. It hailed. It rained. Then it hailed…

Varying sizes, varying shapes. These here were just a bit smaller than my palm. Most were penny sized. Some were almost the size of my palm. Here’s a pretty big one my cousin found:

And then one I got:

There were some bigger ones, almost as big as my fist. But no picture. After the passing terribleness of the storm the sun came out once again and my siblings and I squished around the yard, looking at the interesting pieces of hail. Not much damage thankfully but for some trees.

Unless you count my squishy, muddy ralph lauren shoes….


2 thoughts on “Stormy Monday

  1. Seen tornados only in pictures and films. Looks so scary. Creates a lot of havoc , doesn’t it? How foolishly we try to tame Nature! When it is really determined to have a ball, we better run and hide!!

  2. Indeed, tornadoes must be taken very seriously. They are destructive but as technology improves, more lives are saved because of earlier alerts on such storms.

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