A Peacock’s Colors

You’re a peacock
whose colors I look at without failing to
be awed

Elegant, brilliant blue
shimmering, radiating grace
an awesome hue

You’re a peacock
whose regal strut
makes me grin

Silver, ivory beak
Snapping up your meal in a most stately way
you look so sleek

You’re a peacock
with a feathery appeal
that makes me ticklish

Mystic, multicolored eyes
The brightest greens, blues, oranges, and yellows
The definition of iridescence

You’re a peacock
with a funny crown
but no matter

My lovely colorful friend
I apologize for the terrible depiction
I don’t wish to offend…


Yes I am trying to draw a peacock for art class and yes I am failing miserably =)


30 thoughts on “A Peacock’s Colors

  1. Your drawing my be less than you desire, but the poem is spot on! Well done! (BTW, are the “who’s” instead of “whose” intentional? That’s no meant to be mean, just curious!) Love this poem – I’d love to see your finished drawing.

    1. I hadn’t noticed that to tell the truth, thanks for pointing that out, it’s supposed to be “whose”. Will change. Hmm if the finishing result comes out better than I expect I’ll let you know if i post it. Thanks for reading!

  2. Why do only male peacocks have such wonderful colors? I wonder if you are referring to a gentleman in your life. If so he should be very honored to have inspired such a great piece, if not your talent exceeds the necessity of a male muse, either way wonderful piece

    1. I wasn’t thinking of any human male muses. More like, “why do male peacocks get the cool name and females get peahens?”
      But thanks for commenting!

  3. Lovely! Very beautiful imagery you’ve brought out, peacocks are so very beautiful. All the best with drawing, if it is even half as good as your poem about it, I’m sure it’ll turn out stunning!

  4. I don’t know about the art of drawing, but the art of depiction is certainly there. Very Nice!

  5. haha, I love the ending! but I donยดt think a peacock would consider your poem or depiction as an insult ๐Ÿ˜‰ GREAT!

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