A Little Late…

I missed the last day of NaPoWriMo. I was not happy. At all. I didn’t have time to write anything yesterday cause I was at a party. And I was bored. But since I was among the hostesses, I had to stay and be nice and not act bored. I really didn’t succeed. And then there’s the party where everyone wanted me to dance. I managed to wrestle my way out of the dance floor until half an hour till midnight. And then well let’s just say I gave in. How can people do it? Dance the night away while I get tired? Haha, it was probably the high heels that are to blame. Anyway I’m tired today. And did I mention I’m not happy at having missed the last day of NaPoWriMo? How sad…

The sun starts to set
but I am not ready to say goodbye
though I am weary and
my eyes want to shut
I am not ready to say goodbye
there are still things that I must do,
things I still must say
but there is no time
stay with me
and listen to the wind
it will tell you of all
the things I have done this past
Gusts will tell you of terrible monsters
and of loving embraces
Breezes will tell you of longing in so many forms
and of existing dreams
I am not reading to say goodbye to a
chapter now closed
alas what can I do now
but continue on
someday I’ll revisit
or maybe soon I’ll write a whole new chapter
Goodbye then…


6 thoughts on “A Little Late…

  1. Not bad sorry about the boring party i have hosted a few of those, sometimes a little booze will live-in things up a bit. A day may pass but memories remain, its best to take photos, or be left in shame

  2. cheer up,

    you can always write a lovely or cheerful one.

    How are you?
    Please consider making a contribution to poets rally week 43 today,
    A free verse is appreciated, you rock!
    Happy Thursday!
    Hope to see you in.

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