Duo Evil

A duo of evil reside someplace where skies are
perfect for sailing and perfect for death
Of the two I don’t know which I would rather
to face certain death

Scylla of the many heads
ill-fated doom for hapless souls
who float too close to dagger teeth
on a pristine day

Striking from your dwelling among the rocks
above your prey, in black majesty.
swift shadow of doom

Snapping unsuspecting sailors up
they writhe in pain in your dark den
then they are torn apart and into infinite slumber

Charybdis of the dark foaming waters
swallowing ships and all
who get swept into your wild currents
on a pleasant day

Spouting water, swallowing the entire sea
dragging victims into your wide mouth
watery grave of countless many

Suffocating desperate sailors down into
your deep cold waters where burning lungs fight for one last breath
before they float away limp in sleep


Of the two I can not decide which
I should hold most in fear
Both bring pain and death to all who come their way.


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