Poem #24

Are you just another number
just another face among the crowds?

Are you a faceless name
in a list easily forgotten?

Do you seek to be like others
so as to never be singled out?

Do you lurk between the shadows and the spotlight
mastering  the technique of being there and yet not?

Do you savor the invisibility of mediocrity
never behind but never pulling ahead?

Do stay where you are if you favor
today’s society I say.

That’s not enough for me
I need a better way of life.

And I have what it takes
to refuse; to say no

to stereotypic minds
who see no farther than their noses,

I have Faith that carries me that much further
Will you come along or stay behind?

I’m not sure where this poem comes from, I just seemed to have written until the end. Looking at it now I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

Only a few days left of NaPoWriMo.
Oh btw yesterday’s poem was inspired by a dream.



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