A normal post:)

Well it has been a while. Once again, I’m writing late so I’ll keep this short.

Believe it or not, there will soon be a new page. I’ll leave you wondering what it is about for now.

Hmm, what else would interest you? I’ve been running, though my routes for running have been minimized considerably thanks to the new neighborhood dogs. My cats and I are not that happy. But I still want to continue to run because I just love pushing myself. At the moment I am achy in a good way. My plans for running this summer have been slightly altered thanks to the dogs. But I still can’t decide whether mornings or evenings are best for running. OH, wait, now that I remember let me tell you that I took an important decision concerning running. I signed up for track next year a couple of days ago. I was very nervous, but deep down I know it’s the right decision. I want to do long distance and what better way to do it than to have a coach to push you?

Oh, now I remembered the bad news. Well bad news for me. I am in band (well i wasn’t this year you can blame algebra for that but anywaaays…) and I play the flute. The bad news is that our lovable band director is not going to be with us next year. I’ll admit that I’m kinda just a little stressed about that. WHY???? He’s the best band teacher! He has always been my band teacher, he makes music fun. I know that I’ll be in band next year, but I’m worried about the new director, who’s it gonna be? That and whether he’s a good music teacher are the questions to ask. Or it could be a she. I’m going to miss the best music teacher in the state of Oklahoma.

NaPoWriMo has turned out pretty good. I’ve written a poem every single day except twice or thrice:) I’m pretty happy with some of my writings. For something written hastily anyways.

That’s enough for tonight, good night.



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