So I’ve not been writing much except for the poem a day.

So here’s a post without any poetry.

Finished reading The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in English class (which reminds me I have yet to finish that poem concerning it) and as an assignment we have to create a movie poster about it. We have a choice on making it modern or not. I’m tempted to create a tragic thriller theme thingy out of it. Which reminds me of Script Frenzy (good luck to all of you who are doing it). I’m thinking a black background. And a red rose with two eyes above it. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in eery writing. With a quote from the play. No using the computer for this so I plan on using chalks. Or just plain colored pencils. Or both. I hope it turns out ok.

In psychology we spent the week doing brain training games such as tetris, simon, text twist, crosswords, and several others. It was fun.

We had another Scholastic meet and I took the English and Biology tests. I don’t know if I managed to place.

Our las Religious Education is this Wednesday. The very thought makes me sad, I really enjoyed going this year and our teachers are awesome.



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