April’s Here

The months fly by don’t you think? It’s April the 1st aka April Fools Day!

Did you have fun? Cause I did. A little mischief once a year doesn’t hurt. I had fun with my friends and yet sadly none where able to outwit me! I pulled some classics on some friends and a teacher. We had a good time over all.

So what’s up this month?

Well there’s National Poetry Writing Month (which i’m tempted to do but… maybe I will? No no i shouldn’t.). And There is Script Frenzy (maybe next year). And it’s National Garden Month (my dad is the one with the green thumb not me). And the list goes on. Sadly I do not think I have the time, things are about to get hectic as the school year closes. A scholastic meet on April 16th and another before it (problem is i don’t know when:) ).

I’ve started finally to edit my NaNoWriMo novel. Maybe I’ll post some of it later. One of the reasons not to do NaPoWriMo. I’m trying very hard not to give into temptation. Just a short poem for today? No, I shouldn’t. Ok maybe. NONONO. Why am I talking to myself. I’m talking to myself! No I’m not crazy I’m just trying to convince myself…

Well used to write poetry all the time a couple of years back. Free verse stuff. I’m out of practice.

Oh man, I know better… I can’t help it…

Have a nice April



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