Summing it up

Even though I haven’t been blogging recently or writing I have been ever surrounded by words, beautiful words and other stuff of course. From God, teachers, friends, and the world in general.

God has given me a great peace this week and I am grateful for all that He has done. I hope He continues to guide me.

One of my favorite teachers (religious education teacher), commented finally on my writing after having read a little something I gave him. His words were beyond encouraging. Though its safe to say that we both agree that I tend to overuse commas:)

Friends! It’s been a great week, there’s nothing else that could be better.

The world in general seemed to smile all this week. I felt confidence that I haven’t felt in ages, in what I am capable of. That confidence of which I speak of came from the discovery of how nice my half faces can be. I actually can’t wait to continue on Monday. And I tied for first place in Psychology at an Interscholastic Meet. Definitely surprising but not unpleasant. I tied with a good friend of mine, which was weird since we go to the same school. Kudos to our psychology teacher:)

That’s it for now folks. My fingers are itching to write fantasy.



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