Kings and Spring

So I was sick and sadly this blog was neglected. But then everything else was, but don’t worry, I’m back.
Anything new to report?
Spring Break, for a whole week, in which I shall happily spend reading, writing, and most of all basking in the sun much like my two cats. Mm, doesn’t sound too bad if you ask me. No I’m not going anywhere, but do people really need to go away from home to have a good time? In my opinion, no.
One of the books that I’ll be reading this week is The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart. It’s some.thing that has been on my to read list and finally I checked it out at the library. What made it more intriguing? A friend of mine let me borrow Avalon High by Meg Cabot. A first I was a bit leery but it caught my attention. Arthurian tales have always fascinated me. I have a feeling this spring break I will find myself  in another land and age…


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