The Bargain

So my R.E. (religious education) teacher and I made a bargain a while back. I’d read his book and he’d read mine. Well I read his. It was great, I really did like it and enjoyed it tremendously. Now comes the hard part. He wants to read mine. Hmm… well it would help if I had it done. I don’t. I have’t even started revising. He told me to bring whatever I could. Problem is I do not think I will be using anything of the beginning (I will be rewriting that part). So that leaves the middle and end. Not the greatest parts to give to a person who doesn’t yet know what it’s about. But I like to keep my promises so I’ve been looking for parts in the beginning which I will keep. Not an easy task. But I’m working on that.

The good thing is that I have until Wednesday. And I can work on it all day on Monday because there won’t be any school. I admit that I have a phobia of other people reading my writing. But this teacher is really encouraging and I feel like I can trust him to be truthful. But I’m still nervous. Ah,well that is the result of striking a bargain in a roomful of witnesses.


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