New books?

A few moments ago, while I was sifting through my books for some reread, I realized something. And it made me sad. I have no series to follow! My favorite author, Suzanne Collins finished up her Hunger Games Trilogy last August. And it took me this long to realize why I have been bored these past few months. There’s nothing to read, nothing to look forward too! Sure there are some books that I am waiting for, but they’re nothing special. Or they won’t be coming for a very long time…

I need books like I need air. Books are my brain’s food! And I am famished for something good to read at the moment? So here’s my plea, HELP! Moving on… any suggestions on some good series I could read. Any books that have struck you as a treasure to hold dear forever. I’ll love you forever if you leave a suggestion. I’m open to anything really, I like to expand my horizons bookwise.

Off to find a book to pass the time…



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