Valentine’s cards

So I was wondering what to get my two best buddies. I knew it couldn’t be anything expensive (I’m broke at the moment), and I really have never found any Valentine’s cards to be interesting. So I decided to make my own. In three easy steps:

Step One: Go to Google for some nice pictures.

Step Two: Find some quotes.

Step Three: Arrange it all into a card. (easier said then done. I spent a good part of today trying to do this. I’m just not a computer person:P)

The final results were, if not perfect, quite nice looking. And it was quite fun (though I admit I nearly ran out of ink). Valentine’s is always fun, kind of like Christmas, to me and my friends. It’s an adventure getting each other things and there is always a festive atmosphere at school. Hoping that it’s a wonderful day for everyone tomorrow!




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