Pen vs. Keyboard

Given either of these choices and i will readily pick the pen. And then you shall need to give me a notebook. Preferably the red, torn, battered notebook that i am currently using. Both writing tools are great don’t get me wrong. Eventually I type up everything that I write but there is something great about writing in pen. Its soothing(though I admit that your hand can get tired sometimes and it can be slow).

Typing your writing is faster. And oh so much tidier. But it can be stressful to your eyes.

Pens are in my opinion, the greatest inventions ever. They are perfect in every sense. I prefer gel pens myself, though things tend to get a little smeary if I am not careful. But it gives character to your words does it not? My own handwriting is messy and I tend to scratch out words a lot and write in the margins, but is that not writing? It is, if in its messiest form but I like that. It just seems right.

Shower me with pens, because even though I love them, they don’t love me (they tend to disappear, running away before I finish up all the ink).=)


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