The title says it all. I haven’t been on the internet in several days and I think that I shall continue to do so for the next week or so. So I apologize to everyone for being gone, I shall return don’t worry. I’ll try to post on my blog but that depends on the amount of free time I have.

Where will I be you ask? Writing, I have decided to write and write and write and write and… well you get the picture. No I shall not post my imperfect writing on here, cause I have not the time for revising at the moment. I shall just write. What comes out onto the black page is currently unknown. Why am I doing this? Because I need time to myself, to gather my thoughts, and there is no way better to do so but to write.

Oh dear, I sound like I will be gone forever, don’t worry, I will make my daily rounds to the most important sites. Just be patient and the posts will come slowly but steadily, perhaps once a day if I have the time…


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