Well truthfully I haven’t been very active physically over the past few months. But all that is about to change.

I like running I really do. To me it’s not just a sport, it’s my therapy, it takes away all the stress until all my thoughts are just flowing one after the other. There is no other way to express the satisfaction I get from running. It is amazing. Kind of. Last year’s track season didn’t go so well. I had arch problems and I really didn’t get into shape. Nevertheless I did two miles without stopping. Which I thought was quite amazing considering that I injured myself in the process. I pushed too hard. This year I decided not to do track, I’ll just run on my own. And I plan on doing it. I want to do it. And those two miles will be nothing compared to what I will do this year. Or so I hope. My goal is 8 miles. Too high or too low a goal do you think? I like to reach high. And I plan on trying my best:)


One thought on “Running

  1. I love running as well, in particular stairs. I only can recommend to add some type of running to his or her daily routine. It helps with stress, prevents becoming sick and boost your mood.

    Sincerely Karin

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