The Author List

I mentioned I am a bookworm. I think I will mention that quite a bit! Well here are my top five all time favorite authors:

1. Suzanne Collins- I’ve read all her books and I find them deeply fascinating and thought provoking. Am a huge fan.

2. J.K. Rowling- Yes I am a fan though she doesn’t come in first place. Though if it will soothe your ruffled feathers, fellow HP fans, she used to be my favorite author 🙂

3. Megan Whalen Turner- I love Eugenides! What more can I say?

4. R.A. Salvatore- Author of The Sellswords Trilogy and The Legend of Drizzt series. Favorite character: Artemis Entreri, am loving this bad guy!

5. ?- I am picky with what I read and most especially who my favorite authors are. The fifth favorite author is still undecided.


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