The Beginning

Well I thought that I should do this sooner than later and so here we are. Where to start? The title you say? Oh well thats nothing permanent, well I really am not sure but it might be. I’m still trying things out and sooner or later I will finding something that is suitable. I am playing with ideas so just bear with me as I toy with names.

The title of this blog has a meaning of course. What is the purple existence? Well many people know that in the old times purple was worn only by the rich, the aristocrats, because it was so hard to make purple. But I went one step further to include everyone in the purple existence. Those who wore purple were privileged. We all have the privilege of existing, it is a gift and we must always strive to enjoy it. And the ramblings part you ask? Well I like everything and anything. I like to try new things and most especially I am a bookworm. Expect just a little bit of everything. My thoughts, events, some writing….


2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. The purple existence…that’s a nice way of putting it. Priviledged we are!! How foolish to squander it all away with our petty greeds and hatreds when there is such a lot of joy to bask in, while we are here. Love your attitude.

    1. I’m glad someone agrees and sees things as I do. There are so many things to enjoy in life but most often we see people dwelling on the negative parts of life. We must always strive to be better in our acts an the way we think.

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