Day Five: Shut up, Love-lover

hatred is a poison that should not be sought
it will blacken your heart, and
still the music the soul dances for
(is this music, hope? do haters
not also hope?). You say
love is all? hatred also has a bell to ring
and keeps the heart at check
it courses through the veins
brings power to the gaze
it makes you grand
don’t you know?
like beach glass along the shore
hatred is found and kept
in the back pocket
pull it out when it is needed
to keep the power in the veins
(do you like this metaphor,
hatred is not cold
the heart does not care what fuel
it burns.
hatred is no sickness (though
if the cure is love, Love-lover,
to this you call a malady,
I will keep this hate-sickness!) and
do not wish for any mithridate.


I was feeling a bit whimsical, enjoy. Or not.


Day Four: Fill

fill and fill and fill
myself with thoughts
that a ballerina must think
steps of grace and lightness
of what ifs and a stage for me.
fill and fill and fill
myself with thoughts
that a singer must think
a voice reaching the furthest corners and memories
of maybes and a spotlight for me.
fill and fill and fill
myself with thoughts
the conductor must think
the flourished command of silence and sound
of dreams and an applause for me.
fill and fill and fill
myself with thoughts
a gentle reminder of myself
of what will be and some confidence in me.


I’ve only just realized I’ve been doing NaPoWriMo since 2012. I’m still having fun so here’s to many more years. Have a lovely day everyone.


Day Three: A Love Poem

creation, admiration, infatuation of the heart
fingers typing, mind thinking, and a galloping heart,
deciding the matters of the soul

intuition, decision, a collision of the mind’s visions
laughs and tears, life and death, the pen’s precision,
knifing through the spirit

declaration, trepidation, exhilaration of the summit reach
looking at, figuring out, the lovesick’s consequences,
standing still at the curtain’s fall.

Day Two: Oh my tree!

you start out with strong winds
and drippy skies…
and bring a fierce but ailing winter chill. running down my spine
and a cold to settle like a cat! on my feet.
fiendish beast.
look at what you have done…
the trees are somber
the tulips have wilted!
o and look at what my favorite tree looks like
despondent and gloomy, cut in its bloom
gee.. thanks, Snow.

I was none too pleased with the snow that fell this Saturday. Hope you had a good weekend!


Kingdom of Ten Thousand Roses

a kingdom of ten thousand roses
il costo di un’anima libera…
for a miracle amongst ten thousand days

love’s ache is life’s purpose
ma anche il colpo di dolore dà vita…
together living for life

come and make a wish come true
un sacrificio e un dono per…
a kingdom of ten thousand roses

Happy NaPoWriMo 2016! I actually managed to dust off this site and give it a new look before April hit. I’m really happy to be back and I’m hoping for a good month. This year I’ll again be writing in Italian on Fridays though admittedly I’m a bit late today so just some sprinkling of Italian. Welcome to my blog.


Day 30: Not the End

I begin
and begin again
furiously, hesitantly, seeking
a way to be immortalized
in the eternity of a moment
but I never reach
“The End”

It is not time
not time, yet
my story will one day be complete
I will fall still
my soul shall quiet
until then
“Once upon a time…”


Look bright, this isn’t the end. Thank you so much everyone for your support this month. Happy NaPoWriMo, hope you had a fulfilling journey. Happy Poem In Your Pocket Day! Here’s my poem I love sharing, always have.


Day 29: Displeasure

it fits you
and I do not care
to be in your presence again
first impression was
a lie and changed
to belittling
and threats,

Respect and courtesy comes first.


So people, you sometimes wish you hadn’t had the displeasure to meet. It can be an enlightening look at your own self though.


Day 28: No Losses

set fire to the bridge
with water rushing down below
the clouds raging up above
and heart thundering in you
no regrets, no farewells
walk home, without losses

Month is coming to a close. So is school, slightly drowning but still enjoying it even if I do want to set fire to my own homework at times.


Day 27: A Lover’s Comfort

come here
into my arms

your eyes
fear no nightmares

at dawn
I lie nearby

day passing
fear no future

will come
again, at ease

will still
hold you close

three words
I love you

Trying out the prompt from NaPoWriMo today, the hai(na)ku. Cute form.