Day Eleven: like me

lilac chiffon and pearls
black silk and diamonds
white cotton and gold
all the colors and sparkle
spinning and dancing above, behind window curtains
peeking out to the common world
making one wonder
are they also like me?

Day Nine: Mother

Dear mother,
hello how are you? (I promise to call more often)

I've grown (I still need cooking lessons)
I've met people (you're still my favorite person)

sorry for not being there (I'm halfway around the world)
thank you for your love all these years (even when I played my flute for hours)

yup, I'll bring a souvenir (I'll always bring you something purple)
see you soon (you'll always be my first home, I love you)

love you, thank you, see you soon

Day 8: dozing

dozing, I recall old memories
oceans, rivers, a stream, a fountain of will
zero regrets
inviting me to forget
never to let go of these daring, sweet dreams
grasping for my hand, fingers, as I open my eyes back to a world asleep.

Day Five: Long Distances

Lost in the middle of everywhere-
the cities, the landscapes, the people
surround and carry on,
like a pebble in a river.

the sparkling mountain-caged lake
echoed on a bus stop ad.

the lone redwood in the city
Lost in the middle of everywhere
the people surrounding
oblivious, a river.

spring's first blushing blooms
brushed on instagram cheeks.

a etched love note on a bench
Lost in the middle of everywhere
landscapes blurring into one
branches of a stream, a world.

a sheep's fluffy coat
spun into a suit's wool scarf.

an old man and his dog
Lost in the middle of everywhere
cities accepting
running with the current.

Lost in the middle of everywhere-
yearning for nowhere
for a glance,
and the closure of an ocean.

Day 2: Oblivious

yesterday I lived in glamour

I saw a tree.

today I see the grey, hard concrete

unyielding and soul-crushing

and the dirty rain blurs the world

endlessly moving on

crushing and rejecting

the magic in the blade of grass